Leti's Gallery

This is a very small selection of pictures. At the studio we have thousands of photos of unique and original tattoos.
androgynous thumbgirl1 thumbdog1 thumbhartman1 thumbdonut1 thumb
gas mask1 thumbfidel1 thumbgirlsmoking1 thumbgirlsmoking2 thumbgirlsmoking3 thumb
cat 1 thumbgirl2 thumbgun1 thumbdog2 thumblittle girl1 thumb
oldman1 thumboldman2 thumbskull1 thumbskull2 thumbskull3 thumb
Copyright note: the tattoos on this site have been created either by the owner of the tattoo alone or by a joint effort with leticia/house of tattoos. They are displayed on this site only for informative purposes. Each piece is a unique tattoo that nobody else has, so it's very ok to feel inspired by them but please respect the wearer of the tattoo and don't copy it. Thanks for your understanding, Leti.

To contact Leti: please drop by the studio, call on a day she's working or email her: tattooleti@hotmail.com

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