Care instructions

· Leave the bandage on for about six hours.
· Then remove the bandage carefully and throw it away. From now on you won't need any bandage on your tattoo.
· Wash your tattoo gently with a small amount of soap and lukewarm water then dry it by carefully patting it dry with tissues (pat it dry, do not rub it dry).
· Rub a small drop of Bepanthen zalf or Bepanthen crème (ointment or crème) on your tattoo (with a clean finger!).

During the next 2 weeks:
· Wash your tattoo lightly once a day (e.g. while taking a shower), pat it dry and rub a small drop of Bepanthen on your tattoo.
· Rub a small drop of Bepanthen on your tattoo, if it feels too dry (with a clean finger!).
· After about 3 to 4 days some small scabs will form on the tattoo, do not pick them!
· After about a week the scabs will have disappeared and it might start to not scratch! If it itches too much: rub a small drop of Bepanthen on your tattoo. After a week: rubbing the ointment once a day should be enough.
· After 2 weeks your tattoo has healed.

During the healing period:
· Your tattoo may not be exposed to the sun (no sunbathing or artificial sun).
· Do not soak your tattoo: a shower is O.K., but do not swim, take a bath or go to the sauna/ steambath.
· Wear clean and loose clothing, preferably cotton and avoid wool or synthetic fabrics.
· When you show your tattoo to someone: nobody may touch it, bacteria might infect your tattoo.

In short:
· Keep your tattoo clean and dry. Touch it as little as possible.
· For colorful tattoos: after the healing process, use a high protection suncream when sunbathing.

Just in case:
· If you have any questions or doubts about the healing of your tattoo, please give us a call or drop by the store.
· If you experience any the following symptoms: excessive redness, pain, swelling, pus and discharge etc. contact a doctor (please contact us too, if possible).

Enjoy your tattoo!


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