To make an appointment: drop by the studio,we'll discuss he design with you, and set a date for your tattoo. If you can't come to the studio for any reason (living abroad, for example), please call or email the artist you'd like to get in contact with. We require a deposit of at least 100 Euros per appointment. For appointments not made at the studio, (per Paypal or bank transfer, for example) we will usually ask for a larger deposit, just to be sure that you show up. (Cancelling or postponing an appointment has to take place at least 1 week in advance and only in the studio or per phone, NOT per email).

Some of us accept deposits through PAYPAL.

Our rate: We charge 150 Euros per hour, with a minimum of 100 Euros. This includes drawing the design, set-up of the sterile equipment and the tattoo itself. If you think this is a steep rate: please take in consideration that you will be tattooed with the utmost care in the most sterile and hygienic tattooshop in Amsterdam (see our hygiene report from the Health Department of Amsterdam) in a quiet and smoke-free environment.

You will also get a unique custom design specially made with you and for you, that we never will copy on anybody else. You will be assured to be the only one in our solar system with this tattoo.

We take pride in giving the best service to each customer, no matter how big the tattoo.