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Hi, my name is Sjap.

I opened House of Tattoos towards the end of 1999.

In 1984 after having been drawing for most of my life, I felt the need to learn how to tattoo (I had a few tattoos already). After having tattooed a few friends at my home, I had the opportunity to tattoo at Montana Tattoo under the supervision of Hans van den Berg, where I could refine my skills. Thereafter I worked at home for a few years, doing only custom work: for each customer a new design. One of the problems of working at home is that it's very difficult to progress.

I decided to work in a streetshop again (Amsterdam Tattooing) and realized how important it is to be in contact with other tattooers. We inspire each other,(and learn faster!). After having worked five and a half years at Tattoo Peter with Eddy Wertwijn and a whole group of very talented tattooers with a great sense of humor (this is also very important), I took the gamble and opened my own studio.

I began alone, after years of working with plenty of different great colleagues over the past 22+ years, I am now working with Sarah and Peter.

Our mission (it seems nowadays that each business needs a mission): Designing the best tattoo for you and applying it in the most sterile way possible, in a relaxed, & friendly atmosphere.

What I like to do:
I really like to do anything, small or big, as long as you get the tattoo that you desire. Tattoos with shadows, color, 3D (but not "realistic"), cartoons, funnny (funny haha en funny weird) subjects, funny aliens, monsters with 6 or more eyes, Dungeons and Dragons style dragons, monsters, monsters, monsters, did I mention monsters? Food, weird stuff, objects, tables , chairs, tentacles, Steampunk, living socks, worms, hats and underwear (used or not), spaceships and sardines in a can...

I can tattoo in a lot of different styles, so it's not at all limited to those examples....

But, everything of my own design, no reproductions. If you're in the neighborhood: drop by to check out our work.

Take care, Sjap.

Appointments with Sjap To make an appointment, please drop by the studio, I'll discuss the design with you, and set a date for your tattoo. We require a deposit of 80 Euros per appointment. (Cancelling an appointment has to take place at least 1 week in advance). If you cannot come to the studio for any reason (like being abroad, for example), please call me. Paypal is also a possiblity. For customers who do not use Paypal it is also possible to wire us the deposit, give me a call on a day I'm working so I can instruct you on how to do it.

P.S. My prizes ;o)
House of Tattoos employee of the year 2000 House of Tattoos Boss of the year 2000, 2001,2002, 2003,2004. Favorite Dictator of the year 2007 award. Ruler of all galaxies and beyond award 2009 & 2012. And new in 2017: new development in tattoo healing technology:The Ointment-App