No , sorry you will need to come alone. This is due to the small size of the studio waiting area and for obvious COVID-19 reasons. Having other people in the studio create too many distractions and we really need to concentrate. For the same reason: please do not talk on mobile phones while in the studio. Thanks for your understanding.

Our rate: We charge 150 Euros per hour, with a minimum of 100 Euros. This includes drawing the design, set-up of the sterile equipment and the tattoo itself. Sometimes, (usually for small tattoos) we'll give you a price estimate beforehand, but estimates are only made when you're present in the studio, not per email or on the phone. It depends on so many factors: design, designing time, style, place on the body, size, etc. If you think this is a steep rate: please take in consideration that you will be tattooed with the utmost care in the most sterile and hygienic tattooshop in Amsterdam (see our hygiene report from the Health Department of Amsterdam) in a quiet and smoke-free environment. You will also get a unique custom design specially made with you and for you, that we never will copy on anybody else. You will be assured to be the only one in our solar system with this tattoo. We take pride in giving the best service to each customer, no matter how big the tattoo.

To make an appointment: please drop by the studio, we'll discuss he design with you, and set a date for your tattoo. If you can't come to the studio for any reason (living abroad, for example), please call or email the artist you'd like to get in contact with. We require a deposit of at least 100 Euros per appointment. For appointments not made at the studio, (per Paypal or bank transfer, for example) we will usually ask for a larger deposit, just to be sure that you show up. (Cancelling or postponing an appointment has to take place at least 1 week in advance and only in the studio or per phone, NOT per email).

For more info please check our appointments page.

We do not schedule tattoos on the day people travel, because you have to be well rested on the day of the tattoo, otherwise getting tattooed will be much more exhausting for you than it should be. On the day you arrive: because of plane/trains delays you might arrive too late at the studio. And on the day you leave: we do not want to have to hurry making a tattoo if you have to catch a train or plane a few hours later…because tattoos often can take a lot longer than expected (designing & tattooing).

Yes, it always hurts, but it's bearable. It is actually more irritating than really hurting. When you get your first tattoo you expect a lot of pain, but it always is much less than you thought it would be. The first 10 minutes are always a bit fastidious but after that you get used to it.

Places on the body just above bones (elbow, collar bone, knee, shin etc.) , the inside of the upper arm, the inside of the thigh and the lower back are more sensitive than the rest of the body. But do not decide of the spot of your tattoo based on the "hurt factor". Because if you choose to get your tattoo on a spot that would hurt 10% less, you always will regret it later. Get your tattoo where you really want it.

First of all, the night before the tattoo: rest well, get a good night's sleep, refrain from partying using drugs and/or alcohol. On the day of the tattoo: -Eat well, have a good breakfast/ lunch before your tattoo. -Do not use any drug or alcohol at all (yes, cannabis is drugs). If you follow these instructions getting a tattoo will be a lot easier on you

Tell us what you would like to have and we will draw it with you. Maybe you came across an image you liked in an art book, magazine, commercial etc. Bring it with you so we can see what you would like to have. Draw what's in your head, make a little sketch, it really doesn't matter if you think you can't draw: even the most simple of sketches will help me in designing the tattoo you want. Ask yourself what kind of style appeals to you. Do you want your tattoo to be monochrome or in colors? The more you have done your "homework", the easier it is for you to guide us in the right direction. We will make a few drawings and you'll be able to comment on them, then we'll go back to the drawing board and show you the improved version, and so on until you like it.

In tattooing bigger is better! All tattooers will say it and it's not (only) because they want to sell you a bigger tattoo, but because a tattoo changes through time. In time the lines grow a bit wider, it's a lengthy process but it will affect the tattoo nonetheless. In fifteen years your tattoo will look different, there's no doubt about it. So this is a given you have to take into account while designing the tattoo. If you design a small tattoo with intricate details and lines really near to each other, in fifteen years it will turn into a big blur you won't recognize anymore. As it's important for a tattoo to stay legible in the future, the perfect distance between lines should be, in my opinion, at least 0,5 cm from each other (that's a fifth of an inch). That way when the lines spread there still will be space between them and other people will see what your tattoo represents.

After we have agreed on the design, the tattooer will set-up the tattooing instruments. It consists of covering everything that will be touched by the tattooer with plastic foil (the table, power unit, bottles etc.), set up the machines with new and sterilized needles and sterilized tubes, etc. (For sterilization we use a vacuum-autoclave sterilisator for the best results in the business. But we nowadays mostly use pre-packaged, sterilized needles and tubes). Then, we will shave and disinfect the area of skin that we will tattoo. After that, we will place a transfer of the design on your skin ( sometimes we'll draw directly on your skin or even do a combination transfer & freehand). You'll then be able to check in the mirror if it's exactly placed on the spot you wanted to have it on. If not, no problem, we will apply it again until you are perfectly pleased with the position. The tattooing will then commence. First the line work, then the shading and/or coloring. We will start by tattooing a really small line in order for you to get accustomed to the weird sensation of t he tattooing needles. It usually takes around 10 minutes to get used to the feeling, after that it's a lot easier. Whenever you want a short break, just ask we'll stop for a little while. After the tattooing is done, you'll be able to have a look in the mirror and admire your new tattoo. We will then cover the tattoo with a bandage that you'll have to keep on for around 4 to 6 hours. ( We will often recommend to keep the bandage on till the next morning) . We will tell you how to take care of your tattoo and give you a leaflet with the care instructions.

The minimum age is 18 years old. The problem is that if you take a tattoo at a young age and your body still is growing it might deform the tattoo, even slightly "move it from its spot" (if for example it was centered in the middle of the arm, a sudden growth spurt could end up moving your tattoo off-center).

We will not tattoo on the face, neck, hands, fingers or genitals.

No, sorry we will not do that, because we only draw for customers in the shop, it's quicker to get feedback and exchange ideas about a sketch that way; and also because we don't want to take the risk to work on a design, send it and have the person get the tattoo done by a another tattooer.

No, we don't do those. Because white tattoos and UV tattoos are barely visible when healed, looking just a bit lighter than skin color. And we also do not trust the pigments in UV inks, that's another reason not to do them.

There are thousands of very, very talented tattooers travelling the world.

Vey often (several times weekly) I get asked by tattooers if we’d have room for them at our studio, to work anywhere from a few days to a few weeks/months. Each time, I have to refuse and here’s why: Those (fantastic) guest tattooers would work here, make awesome tattoos on customers…… and then move on.

That means they will not be around if there’s anything not 100% satisfactory with the tattoo after it has healed. Here at House of Tattoos, each of our customers is guaranteed a free touch-up if there’s anything with their tattoo.

For example let’s say a tattoo could have healed a bit too light in some places: we’ll touch it up for free. It happens every now and then and we want to be sure that you, as our customer, are guaranteed the highest levels of hygiene, quality and aftercare you can get.

You spend your hard earned money to get a permanent mark on your body: it is our commitment it has to be done to the best of our abilty and that your tattoo stays very nice over the years. And that’s exactly what we could not guarantee with guest tattooers that are wit us a short amount of time.

All of the tattoo machine operators working with me have been working here for quite some years already.

If you get tattooed by one of us and come back years later to add to an existing tattoo, chances are that the person that tattooed you will still be there to add new ink in exactly the same style as the original. That way you are guaranteed to be tattooed by a person that you already know, following the exact same sterile procedure in a quiet tattoo studio.

The only real drawback I could find, though, is that you will be exposed to the same lousy humor. (Although we might have better jokes since then….but do not keep your hopes up).

Take care, Keep on truckin’