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Face, neck, hand and finger tattoos

There's been a lot of press and tv coverage lately about tattoo removals.

Persons that realized that their neck, face, finger or hand tattoos weren't really a boost to their chances to get a new job. It sounded so cool at the time, but now, maybe not so much...

Thanks to laser removal these persons can be helped. They can get rid of the tattoos they now regret. But... laser tattoo removal is painful (and over several sessions) AND expensive!

Here, at House of tattoos, we pride ourselves with a thing called ethics. We are proud to say that we've always refused to tattoo on hands, fingers, neck and face. No matter how much the customer wanted it, we always refused. We've always tried to protect persons from themselves.

If you wear tattoos on very visible places, you might end sometime later in your life in social circles where it is frowned upon. It might even get in the way of getting a new job. That face tattoo, will immediately brand you as an outcast, and that may not always be what you've wished for.

If you can cover your tattoos and have full control of when and where you want to show them, you can avoid those uncomfortable situations. By always having refused to do those and by explaining why we do not do them, we've kept a clear conscience; and hopefully brought someone to other ideas, instead of making a quick buck. Maybe some of those persons reconsidered, others still have had their tattoos done in another tattoo studio. If they are happy with their visible tattoos: more power to them!

But, anyways, like the saying goes: "Think before you ink".

Brand new website!

It was about time! Our antique website is now ready for the smartphone generation. It was way long overdue. In 1998, with zero skills, I built a website that was super-quick to load and with a maximum of information.

It worked just fine for years, well, on the desktop screen. But it got less and less user-friendly for the smartphones.

Well, the good folks at did a fantastic job! They quietly listened to what I wanted and said it was possible to do... They didn't call me a crazy old fossil (anyway not to my face).

Now, it's time to freshen up the content with pictures, articles (some of them may even be smart -watch out!) and videos.

The framework is here, now unto the content!