Sjap's Gallery
This is a very small selection of pictures.
At the studio we have thousands of photos of unique and original tattoos from very small to big
dragon backpiece thumb
fishes ketting thumb octopus on leg skullroses
groengele draak serge thumb eye watch wings thumb caren thumb
flaming skull anchor puzzle robo spider thumb thor hammer tghumb green dragon thumb
anou dragon thumb devel thumb draak boven arm ricdraak thumb bovine skull
andy  left arm thumb dark eldar scorpion tghumb mke thumb duck thumb panther om de hoek
scorpion baardagaam thumb tibetan snowflakes andy back piece octopus
scarab atom planet thumb chain greyskull cc
 dnl frony jasjaleg2  hej punx

Copyright note: the tattoos on our website have been created either by the owner of the tattoo alone, or by a joint effort with Sjap / house of tattoos. They are displayed here only for informative purposes. Each tattoo is a unique design that nobody else has, so it's totally OK to feel inspired by them but please respect the wearer of the tattoo and don't copy it. Thanks for your understanding. Sjap.

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